We've created this series of videos to help you keep your recovery on track and to maintain active health when things return to normal.  Please ensure that you carry out these exercises in a safe space, while wearing suitable clothing.  Be careful not to over-exert or cause undue strain while exercising.

Upper -back (Thoracic) Mobility Exercises

A couple of simple exercises to get your upper-back (thoracic spine) moving well. Great for those who sit at computers for long periods of time!

Simple Core Progressions

Here are a couple of simple core / abdominal exercises with easy progressions. Make sure you go with form over full range. Start with a small range of movement and gradually make it harder for yourself.

Hop up a Step

This is all about control now how high you can go. You should be able to hop and land with control without the need for support. Start with a low step and something to hold onto and work up to no support and bigger steps.

Calf Strength

A couple of simple home exercises for your calf muscles. Can you do 25 single leg calf raises with a straight and bent knee?

Simple Home Exercises for Your Knee

A quick simple video for those of you with knee pain needing to get your legs a little stronger.

Hip Mobility and Strength

A quick video to help with hip mobility and strength no equipment needed.

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