About ARC Physio

ARC Physio is a private physiotherapy and sports rehabilitation clinic in Cheltenham , based at Leckhampton and Churchdown Surgeries . We specialise in providing a speedy expert assessment of what's causing your pain and giving you effective treatment and advice to get back to the sport and hobbies you love.

Why physiotherapy?

Do you have pain or restricted movement? Is it preventing you from taking part in the sport and hobbies your love?

Physiotherapy is a scientific hands-on approach to restoring your health and movement, appropriate for every age. We use physical therapies to identify and treat the root cause of your current pain and limited function, and take into account your general lifestyle. At ARC Physio, we empower you to have an active role in your own recovery, by explaining you how your restricted movement or pain has happened in the first place, and then giving you the knowledge you need to continue restoring movement and function outside of the treatment room.

Whether you've got a sore back caused by poor posture or a sudden sports injury, we can help you at ARC Physio.

How can we help?

At ARC Physio, we look at the site of your symptoms and a deeper look at the root causes. We'll screen your movement patterns and function for signs of weakness, tightness and instability - the three main culprits of physical pain.

We'll then begin an individualised and realistic rehabilitation treatment programme that takes into account your lifestyle, ability and sporting activities. This may include acupuncture, hands-on manual therapy, kinesio taping and recommended exercises for you to continue your recovery at home. Our strong links with local strengthening and conditioning specialists, pilates coaches, orthopaedic consultants and local GP services enable us to tailor the rehabilitation process for the most speedy recovery for you.

So whether you're suffering from a recent running injury or a keen gardener with back pain, we will get you back to the sport and hobbies you love as quickly as possible.

James Clapp

James is Founder and Clinical Director of ARC Physio. He founded ARC Physio with a vision to provide speedy top-quality hands-on physiotherapy. His passion is to provide the highest level of treatment from injury through to full function, whether it's come from a commitment to gardening or playing international sports.

James' wealth of experience has been built over 12 years in both public and private physiotherapy settings, including three years working with the Gloucestershire Children and Young People's team as the Special Interests Lead for musculoskeletal physiotherapy. He is fully trained in acupuncture and kinesio taping and has recently completed his Masters in Sports Physiotherapy at Bath University.

Alongside his work in clinic, James is currently the physiotherapist for England Hockey's U18 boys and provides services for Bredon Rugby Union. He has previously worked for various sports clubs and teams including  Gloucestershire All Gold's Rugby league and Worcester Warriors Rugby Union.

When not in the clinic or on the side of a pitch, James can often be found in the vicinity of Cleeve Hill running or on his bike, be that road or MTB. Further afield he loves to surf and ski and is often found searching after his next adrenaline fix. James is not shy of a challenge or two either; he has previously trekked to Everest Base Camp and completed the Three Peaks Challenge. Watch this space for his next adventure...


Ashley has more than 10 years' experience as a physiotherapist, working across a range of musculoskeletal settings within both the public and private sector. He is skilled at treating tendinopathies, sports injuries, back and neck pain and general musculoskeletal conditions. Ashley also enjoys post-surgical rehabilitation and has worked extensively in ACL rehabilitation with orthopaedic surgeons.

Qualified with two degrees in Physiotherapy and Sport & Exercise Sciences respectively, Ashley is also a postgraduate in acupuncture and matwork pilates.

Ashley takes a holistic approach of hands-on manual therapy and soft-tissue techniques,
consolidated with evidence-based exercise prescription and guided patient self-management.
Aligned with ARC Physio's ethos, he is passionate about health promotion for long-term
improvement and injury prevention.

Ashley lives in North Bristol with his wife. They have an 18 month old daughter who keeps him busy at the weekends. When he's not chasing her round the house, Ashley is usually getting muddy in the Forest of Dean on his mountain bike. To relax, Ashley enjoys gardening and has nearly perfected his parsnip-growing technique.


Suzie Matty qualified as a physiotherapist at Kings College London in 2004 and has trained with world-leading pilates teacher training organisation APPI to become a certified pilates mat work instructor. Her qualifications continue to grow with certification underway for Equipment Training on Reformer, Cadillac and Stability Chair.

Suzie's passion for pilates developed in her twenties when she started to develop varying degrees of back, neck and shoulder trouble twinned with some nasty headaches and migraines. These issues stemmed from multiple equine sporting injuries, too much desk time and a determination to get on with life no matter what happened.

Physiotherapy went a long way to helping to resolve them, but Suzie wanted to find ways to address the underlying issues herself too. Among other benefits, pilates alleviated her migraines and developed her seat and position for horseriding.

With invaluable first-hand personal experience of how pilates helps to give back control over the body, Suzie runs pilates classes throughout the Cheltenham area.


Helen completed her MSc in Physiotherapy at St George’s University in London after spending most of her twenties working in contemporary dance. It was whilst touring that Helen developed a passion for supporting the physical well-being of elite performers. Her training took place in some of London’s leading public and private settings. She works in the NHS in Gloucestershire as a senior musculoskeletal physiotherapist alongside her work with ARC Physio.

Helen’s passion for human movement and physical activity forms the basis of her assessment and treatment approach. Helen combines manual therapy with evidence-based exercise prescription to help patients overcome a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions including recurrent back and neck pain, knee pain, shoulder pain and post-operative rehabilitation.

Helen has a particular interest in supporting those who struggle with persistent pain, working with individuals to identify goals and develop a programme to address changes and identify opportunities to become more active. She is also a vestibular-trained physiotherapist who is able to assess and treat episodes of dizziness.

Away from physiotherapy, Helen is a busy mum of two who enjoys family hikes and can often be found somewhere on the Cotswold escarpment. Helen is a keen snowboarder, having lived and worked in the French Alps.